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Haljus Marketing provides you with the best, most advanced SEO strategies in Metro Detroit. Search Engine Optimization campaigns that produce some of the best traffic available. Organic traffic. Targeted organic traffic. We work with you to determine the best terms your customers use to search for your products or services.

How We Deliver The Results You Want!

Our expertise in search engine optimization and online marketing  gives us the ability to design powerful, well crafted SEO campaigns. If you had Haljus Marketing build your website then you have the added benefit of  knowing you have the core fundamental marketing and search engine optimization elements that help to produce successful SEO campaigns built right into it.

These built in SEO essentials help to increase  website traffic and boost sales. So it’s very important to have these elements in place, especially before beginning any type of SEO activity.

It All Starts With Keyword Research

If you get this wrong it will be very difficult to have much success with any SEO efforts.  The keywords being targeted should be relevant to the business’s industry. Another very important issue is these keywords should be buyer intent based keywords..

So whether the keywords are being used for on-page SEO purposes or off-page SEO purposes having keywords that reflect a customers intention to purchase a specific product or service is extremely important.

Creating Keyword Rich Content

Once the keyword research is done and it has been determined what terms and phrases are going to be targeted it’s time to create content for the website. A fully optimized website will have all these important keywords in the content of the site.


The Importance Of On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

These 2 elements of SEO, on-page and off-page optimization both have an important place in our SEO efforts. For the on-page optimization it’s important to have the keywords in the content, in the titles of the content on the site, and the pages of a business’s products or services.

For the off-page portion of our SEO efforts we have the same concerns. For any off-page SEO efforts we are going to want to use the same keywords as were used for the on site content. By doing this we are re-enforcing to the search engines that these are indeed the keywords and terms we want associated with a specific website.

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We believe that Haljus Marketing is your best choice for SEO services in the Metro Detroit area. We offer high level marketing and advertising services that are incredibly powerful and available at competitive prices.  Come work with us and take advantage of our advanced marketing technique’s and strategies to grow and scale your business.


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